Sabine has been a volyntarily ambassador of the Geel-based Belgian ngo Cunina (meaning 'Goddess of the Cradle') for 30 years, together with succesful businessman Wouter Torfs, tv presenters Luc Appermont and Nathalie Meskens, and singer Natalia. S

ince 1989, Cunina has been building and renovating schools, dining halls, dormitories, sanitary facilities and so on, and putting 1000s of children in school in Nepal, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines, Haiti, Peru and Uganda, thanks to long-term collaborations with companies, donations, inheritances and thousands of individual sponsorships. You already help a child to get a diploma (commitment until the age of 18 normally) for 35 euros/month, tax deductible, so make that half. Cunina deliberately works without government subsidies and spends 0 euro on paid advertising. Our overhead costs are below 10%, which is very exceptional. So more than 90% goes where it belongs: our 1000s of children.

In 2021, Sophie Vangheel, founder and still responsible for the daily management, together with Kathleen Opdebeeck, became the first woman Honorary Citizen of Geel.

Email or call us if you would like to join our big, warm family: 00 32 14 58 01 01,