Books for adults

- '23 augustus' - intimate, empathic novel on  a young woman dying and reflecting on her life 

- 'Moeder van  12 000 kinderen' - the empowering biography of Sophie Vangheel (founder of the ngo Cunina), full of travel stories, phylosophy and women empowerment

- 'Traliemama's' - stories and backgrounds of moms in jail and all around them, like psychologists, caregivers and prison officers, focussing on their relationship with their kids, their life behind bars and how hard it is to try and stay connected with the outisde world. Tough stories, but they need to be told. Not for the faint of heart.

- 'K-boek', about living before, during and after going through or living with someone who has cancer, focussing on what it is, what the treatments are, what the side effects are and what to do about them, about adjuvant and alternative treatments, about sex, friendship, scars, money and everything else noone ever talks about.

- 'Hoge hakken', erotic novel

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